Briefly about the services.

YFHCSS is a comprehensive health care service that meets the needs of young people and includes treatment and prevention (including monitoring) and counseling services, including health education and training tailored to the needs of young people, and meets the following criteria set by the World Health Organization:

accessible to young people - free or affordable, fast, convenient registration or no registration, short waiting time:

  • non-discriminatory

  • guaranteeing confidentiality and privacy

  • meeting the physical, social and psychological health and developmental needs of each young person

  • provided by competent personnel

  • a safe and responsive environment for young people

Young people can contact the YFHCSS Coordinator if they have any of the following problems:

  • Sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies

  • The use of psychoactive substances,

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Suicide and self-harm

  • Health problems related to overweight and obesity

  • Sexual violence

  • Eating Disorders.